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Crane Repair Oahu Hawaii

Loyalty Towing Service Inc is your "One Stop Shop" for Crane and Truck services and repairs.

We specialize on crane repairs i.e.
    • Leaking Boom Cylinders
    • Non Function Outriggers
    • Swing Gears & Motors
    • Boom Rebuilds and Welding
    • Electronic Computer Controls
    • Rear End & Transmission Rebuilding

Our experience covers models including Tower Cranes, Boom Trucks, Articulating Cranes, Swing Cab Cranes, and others.

We strongly suggest that you maintain a regular PM Service schedule so that you're always in top shape when out on the job.

Our facility is equipped to handle all types of cranes, trucks, and other construction equipment.

Hydraulics are the lifeblood of your crane!

Leaky seals and/or connections can cause all kinds of problems for you, even shut down your job, so making sure your hydraulics are in good shape is the number one priority. Performing regular PM's on your crane can usually detect issues before they become problems, but sometimes the worst can happen, and you blow a line.

We can solve your hydraulic problems whether it's in the field or in your yard.

We have the expertise in house for repairs, maintenance, re-building and fabricating all types of hydraulic systems.

Remember one name - one number
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