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Fuel Cubes

Safety Features:

    • Fuel Level Gauge
    • Lockable Equipment Cabinet
    • Galvanized Frame
    • Liftable Corner Brackets
    • Internal Baffles
    • Double Walled w/ 110% Containment
    • Fill up at job site or transport after filling up at fuel station

Approvals this tank has achieved is:

  • UL/ULC Approved – Meets all Canadian Standards for fuel tanks
  • NFPA Approved – Meets all Fire Code for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids
  • DOT (31A/Y) Approved – Meets all US DOT specs to allow legal transportation full of fuel anywhere you need it. Has it’s own containment for 110% of it’s capacity – no need for berms etc around tank.
  • UL 142 Approved – Meets all US standards for above ground fuel storage tank
  • BS799-5 Approved – Meets all UK standard for cylindrical and rectangular tanks for the storage of fuel above ground level

These fuel tanks are (DOT) approved double wall tanks


    • 127 Gallons
    • 248 Gallons
    • 561 Gallons
    • 781 Gallons
    • 1031 Gallons
    • 1204 Gallons

These tanks are easily moved around and have forklift pockets all the way around for easy placement on the job site