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Diesel Particulate Filter (Cleaning Service) Oahu Hawaii

DPF light is on: we can remove the DPF filter - clean it - reinstall it in your vehicle - reprogram your ECM.
DPF filter plugged: We Can Clean It For You!

Retrofit your Diesel Engine with Loyalty Towing Service Inc

Reducing emissions from diesel engines is one of the most important air quality challenges facing the country today. EPA established the National Clean Diesel Campaign (NCDC) to promote diesel emission reduction strategies. NCDC includes regulatory programs to address new diesel engines as well as innovative programs to address the millions of diesel engines already in use.

Diesel engines power the movement of goods across the nation, help construct the buildings in which we live and work, help build the roads on which we travel, and carry millions of children to school each day. While diesel engines provide mobility and are critical to the nation’s economy, exhaust from diesel engines contains pollutants that negatively impact human health and the environment. Diesel engines emit large amounts of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and air toxics, which contribute to serious public health problems.

There are many companies out there that we call “cut and shut” shops that are not providing the customers with adaquate emissions materials and or improper installation to save a few dollars. We here at CDS will make sure you have the proper product along with the proper installation needed

We also sell DPF service kits for Ford, International, GMC, Isuzu, Duramax & Dodge. These kits will turn your non-reusable DPF Filters into reusable ones. This will help you the consumer save hundreds of dollars down the road without having to pay for new ones each time your unit plugs up.

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