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Diesel Particulate Filters & Gaskets

We can service your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) & DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) by either you removing the filter and bringing it to our shop for us to service or you can pull your tractor or bus into our bays and let our technicians do the complete service.

We offer flat rate pricing no matter how bad your filter is plugged

We also sell retrofit kits for older tractors, buses & trucks.

We can convert your non-reusable filters into reusable filters with our specialty kits available only here at Affordable Towing Service. This includes Ford, Dodge, Isuzu, International, Duramax, & GMC. Why go to the dealer when you can have your non-reusable filter converted into a reusable filter that can be cleaned in the future without having to pay for a band new one.

We have a one step process to clean even the nastiest of filters. There are no hidden costs.

If we cannot clean your filter - meaning improve the air flow - we will not bill for services rendered. When you bring your DPF or DOC filter to our shop we will give you the beginning and end flow numbers to show you that we cleaned your filter.